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As a Cannabis Consumer, it has never been easier to place an order in minutes and sit back and relax. Once an order has been placed to the shops or delivery companies a SMS text message is sent to the shop with your Dr Rec or Drivers License notifying the shops in minutes to accept or decline the order. Users Shop, Shops Deliver. Dispensaries Create your own virtual storefront cut down the brick and mortar overhead share the savings with your customers. Recreational Dispensaries and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery Services, Doctors, Lawyers, Brand leaders Welcomed.




As a consumer there is no stress with having to submit your DR Rec each time you login, Start shopping with a delivery service or dispensary listed with RecreationalDispensary.com

All shops can view and print users DR Rec and Drivers License from their simple to use admin. Dispensaries and delivery services can upload and manage their menus from their admin once you have joined. Users Create an Account and start shopping for Daily Deals and Daily Buying Discounts.

Ad space available for featured shops. Monthly promotional packages available.


Mission Statement


RecreationalDispensary.com is an online mobile marketing technology platform company. We provide access to affordable legal cannabis products to consumers and have them delivered through our mobile technology. We also help cannabis shops become more profitable through our easy and simple platform. Additionally, our customers prefer to shop through our platform for the extra safety features we provide. Our screening process is fast and easy upload your medical rec or drivers license with in minutes your are approved to shop from any one of our dispensaries or delivery companies. Daily discounts every time you login and shop on our platform.




Our platform allows our members to order from the top boutique shops and delivery services using our SMS ordering online technology. Ordering is easy as one click. We provide GEO IP tracking technology for dispensaries and delivery services.