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As a Patient, it has never been easier to place an order in minutes and sit back and relax. Once an order has been placed a SMS text message is sent to the shop notifying them in minutes to accept or decline the order. Users Shop, Dispensaries Deliver. Create you own virtual storefront cut out the brick and mortar overhead share the savings with your customers. Just say I want to be successful.


How it Works


As a patient there is no stress with having to submit your DR rec each time, you want to place an order with a new cannabis company listed with RD.

All cannabis shops can view and print patients DR reccomendation from our simple to use website or from your phone via SMS text Alerts. Marijuana Delivered with a smile, Create an Account.

Online Virtual Storefronts- Dispensary Space available on RecreationalDispensary.com 

Dispensary owners seeking out new ways to lower their cost, brick and mortar per square foot is over the top expensive. Property owners maybe taking advance of California green rush companies. California is counting down the days to January 1, 2018. Create an account and manage your dispensaries and products with RD, Lower your cost today. Contact William 310 936-7045 for more information. Just say I want to be Successful, we can help.