About Recreational

RecreationalDispensary.com is an online mobile marketing technology platform, where dispensaries and cannabis users interact, using mobile sms ordering technology to shop for their favorite brands. Users Shop, Dispensaries Deliver. Order from your phone. Our user friendly mobile platform is designed to increase product sales, marketing, and profit margins for participating cannabis shops. Our goal over all is to increase new clients, sales, quality products and services, which will result in customer retention and long lasting relationships. Create an Account. Patients and 21 plus users login and create an account then order from your favorite shop. Shops login and create your storefront profile, upload your product line images, prices and your contact info it's that easy, just respond back to your mobile phone orders, view the users verified rec or valid id and shopping cart details accept the order or deny if you accept enter your "eta" click Done. It's that easy. Check out our FAQ page for more website information. 

Find the latest news about CBD rich products, Hemp Oil research benefits, and current legislation. Recreational Dispensary patients are looking for alternative cannabis health benefit products. Patients are seeking relief from a lengthy list of physical pains and ailments. Recreational Dispensary connects medical marijuana and recreational marijuana users with state-licensed dispensaries and delivery services. We want to be the best-known industry brand "RD" for patients, dispensaries, clinics, mmj doctors, consumers and recreational users.  So, we invite and encourage 420 businesses/collectives, mmj patients, 21 plus and shop owners to create an account. We have added our new multi-location option feature for storefronts who want to advertise their products in more than one city location for $49.00 "monthly fee".  

Create an Account. More sales, more deals, more discounts, more top shelf deals, more user traffic for dispensaries,  All from your mobile phone. RecreationalDispensary.com  

Create your own Online Virtual Storefront, cut out the brick and mortar overhead. Share the savings with your customers. Just say I want to be successful.

Online Virtual Storefronts:

Dispensary space available on "RD". Dispensary owners seeking out new ways to lower cost and maximize profits. Brick and mortar per square foot is over the top expensive. California is counting down the days to January 1, 2018. Create an Account and manage your dispensary storefront and product brands with "RD". Lower your cost today. Just say I want to be successful, we can help. Big discounts for the first 100 dispensaries to sign up. Big Discounts for the first 1000 users. Promo Code "RD"

More Savings, More Strains, More Products, More Discounts, More Sales, More Deals, More Top Self, More Brands, More Users, More Traffic.

Investor Deck available upon request.